Move Forward Together

I am standing  in the Guernsey Election as part of the Guernsey Partnership of Independents. We are 21 candidates united by a set of shared principles, values and goals:

  • Decisive, effective and efficient government

  • Leading the island to a rapid recovery by investment in Revive and Thrive

  • The well-being of all islanders

  • Protecting and enhancing our unique environment

Like many, I have been baffled by the political drama of the last 4 years. I firmly believe, we can do better. It starts with having the desire, ability and trust to work with others, your political colleagues and community.

I believe the creation of the Guernsey Partnership of Independents is a move in the right direction.

I knew several of the standing candidates before joining (Gavin St Pier, Heidi Soulsby, Rhian Tooley, Lindsay de Sausmarez, Steve Falla and Tina Bury) and I could trust in their pledge to work together.

We are not a party in any traditional sense – we don’t have a whip and we share a broad range of political views.

We are united by the pledge to create a better government based on the values above, commitment to our people, economy and environment.

You can learn more by visiting