St Peter Port Town regeneration Sasha Kazantseva-Miller

The St Peter Port Regeneration Areas Development Framework has just been published by the Development and Planning Authority, one of the Committee I sit on. This has involved two rounds of consultations with the community, with much of the feedback taken on board.

The overarching vision of the regeneration framework is:

“To enhance the St Peter Port Regeneration Areas to diversify and enrich the experience and long term attractiveness of Town as a place to work, live, spend time, meet people and explore, and to ensure that it continues to a successful primary centre”.

The overall objectives of the Development Framework include:

  • Improved pedestrian experience into and through town and to support active and sustainable travel opportunities;
  • A range of high quality public open space destinations which feel safe, are attractive, comfortable to spend time in, offer play and recreation opportunities, and can support community events;
  • Supporting investment in retail, business, workplace, community and health;
  • Extending above-ground activities and uses, such as town centre living to increase footfall and the range of activities further into evenings and weekends and to maximise the potential for positive change.

The regeneration Framework will act as Supplementary Planning Guidance for development in the area.

The Committee has been keen that this Framework does not become a beautiful document that sits on the shelf. It is clear that for regeneration to happen the States has to be a key player in unlocking regeneration opportunities. This touches the mandates of multiple Committees including Environment and Infrastructure (Public realm, public transport, active travel, parking, etc), Economic Development (Retail, Business, Incentives), Planning (Rules and Regulations for Development and building control), P&R (financing and public-private partnerships).

Town Regeneration is an exciting opportunity and it’s important concerns are also addressed. If you are keen to know more or what to do, here is a guide:

Please get in touch with Planning if you have any questions or interest in the first instance.

Contact Planning Service, Sir Charles Frossard House, St Peter Port GY1 1FH, 01481226200,

Direct link to the St Peter Port Regeneration Areas Development Framework